'पानी की बात' Campaign

(An initiative by Environment Club)

It is said that you never know the worth of Water until the Well runs dry. We say it with full confidence that water has a lot of value as we have heard the cries of all the people belonging to the places of complete dryness. You too would probably be counted in them soon as India’s 11 out of 20 largest cities are at high risk of water scarcity. We can’t bring things back to normal but we can surely push this time of upcoming calamity a bit further by coming together and intending to Save Water. One such initiative is brought to you by us, Environment Club is running PAANI KI BAAT Campaign. It’s okay if you can not come up and help us out on the ground level to make people aware. But mind you, we aren’t confined by boundaries! Be with us, in this technical world let’s connect everyone in this Awareness Campaign.
Below is the Oath of Water Conservation. Pledge and work upon saving every drop of Water. Further are the details of upcoming Events regarding it. Would be great to see you coming up together, if not geographically then technical for sure!
Let’s get together and execute a few plans to save a few dreams.

Upcoming Event of Campaign

In Jainpur Village, Baghpat Road, Meerut, U.P. on 11. April. 2021

By filling your Name etc., you also take an Oath of Water Conservation.


Let's Together Join Hands for Saving this Precious Gift Of Nature.