Why to Save Rivers ?

By Pooja Ahuja

I wish a very Happy River Day to each and every person of this World because life has no boundaries.

It is of immense importance to know about it’s beginning.

The proposal for a global event to celebrate rivers day was based on the success of BC Rivers Day, which Mark Angelo had founded and led in western Canada since 1980 .That said first event in 2005 was a great success and River Day was celebrated across dozens of countries. Since then, the Event has continued to grow.

When we talk about India. What we actually need to focus on is the fact that we Indians who on one side worship Rivers giving them the place of Mother on the other hand are polluting them.
We need to know about eutrophication and algal blooms which are the main consequences of polluting rivers and these issues result in conversion of the rivers and small lakes into land and thus decrease in river cover area.

Let’s focus on these issues .

We are harshly using fertilizers and great thanks to factories’ owner who injudiciously throwing hazardous waste into river and without and proper treatment. These result in excessive growth of organisms, increase in BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) which slowly keep on depleting oxygen content of river water, these organisms start dying which ultimately results in their deposition at bottom of lake and then river is transformed into land.

River day is not just to deliver speeches this is to understand the real problem and work on that . Don’t go for large scale activities, just take small steps .

1) Stop using plastic, because through drains these reach rivers and we all know that it is non biodegradable hence their deposition is harmful for aquatic life .

2) Before disposing off factory waste in river, it must be mandatory to give it proper treatment.

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3) We all are aware about Gange Action Plan and Yamuna Action Plan that were initiated in 2005 to clean these rivers. But how many times in a year they do so? Even tho we can’t blame government as we also have some duties other than reminding them of theirs .

This is really shameful for those who are washing their clothes in rivers, making their animals take a bath in river and throwing wrappers in rivers on visiting tourist places but not only for them for those also who are quietly watching them doing so.

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We should stop polluting our rivers or else just stop putting them at the place as high as of a mother.

Wish River Day to all the rivers and make a promise to all the rivers and to your soul for not polluting rivers and understanding your responsibilities.