Why is there a need to Save Water ?

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Water is made of two molecules hydrogen and oxygen but little do we know it sustains all the living beings on Earth. We are 70% water and we need water almost every day. It is impossible to imagine a world without Water because it not only sustains us humans but also nature and its other creations.

Recently, a documentary released by Netflix threw light upon the ongoing water crisis all over the world and turns out that the day when we all run out of water is not far away because we already have a town in South Africa which has no water. Imagine a world where we have no water, what will you drink when you are tired? How will you take a bath? How will you cook food? In a world where there is no water, there is no beauty, only deserts stretched far away places. No trace of wildlife.

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As humans who are technologically so advanced that we are talking about flying into space and building electric cars, we forget that we first started our civilization by a riverside. For example, Indus Valley Civilisation. For the longest time, we believed that water is infinite and we can never run out of it, but times have changed. Our reckless destruction of the environment in the name of advancement might cost our whole human race.

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We need to save water because we need to co-exist because in this world it is not just humans, our actions are affecting trees, land, birds, animals and the whole existence of nature.

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